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How Iran Is Supporting Terror


Iran has come under fire since its revolution in 1979 for supporting terror. While the facts are not as openly displayed, it is common knowledge that Iran not only harbors terror groups but also trains, funds and also provides weapons and equipment to them as well. This in turn affects the fight against terrorism which has brought many a nation to its knees. The international community has tried to reason with the Iranian government time and again and through different factions but have not been too successful.


Terrorism as we know it can cripple a whole country, this has already happened to several nations, and therefore if militant groups have a backing and funding, the whole world is indeed under the big threat of being blown up at any time. Iran has indeed been found to be one of the major supporters of terror and terror acts at this moment in time.


A Lebanese militant group that is thought to be the most skilled terrorist groups in the world is a very close ally of Iran. Their relationship began in its inception as Iran has played a big role in their training and provided them with arms and money through the years. They are said to receive up to $100 million a year from Iran and much more other years. The kind of weaponry they receive from Iran is also out of this world as it is very advanced. Here is the linkedin Profile of Mark Dubowitz!


There are about 100,000 militant groups that are under the support of Iran. They are given training and arms and even money by Iran. Syria is one country that is a friend to Iran and Iran works to make sure that they are supported. The current president of Syria is also at the mercy of Iran because without their support, this regime would be no more.


While trying to understand how Iran and why Iran supports terrorism, it is important to understand that there is a statement in Iran's constitution where they aim to change the world. Clearly, this is a great motivation as to why they are so much involved in financing terror groups and this has brought lots of fame in supporting such wicked and evil acts. There is also the need to keep in mind that Iran has been classified as the world leading financier and terrorism supporter. Click here to learn more about FDD.


It is also essential to take into account that it is through terrorism that Iran is able to fight is enemies. They fund terrorism to also attack their neighbors with an aim of being recognized as the leader in the Middle East. Those that support their enemies are also attacked and killed through terrorism funded by Iran.