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How to Solve Iran Supporting Terror


Iran is one of those countries that want to acquire a nuclear weapon and use it for their wars. However, this possesses a great danger to the world at large considering the devastating effects of using a nuclear weapon during times of war. Use of nuclear weapon leads to the killing of more people and destruction of more property. That is why when Iran proposes the use of a nuclear weapon, several countries gather to try and stop that from happening. The six world powers are the ones that try to stop the deal, and these are France, Russia, China, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America.


There are reasons as to why Iran is pursuing the use of nuclear weapon in their deals. One of the reasons is that it has a group which has the resources and workforce and it wants the rest of the world to submit to their demands and want it to be under Islam. You find that both the president and the spiritual leader of the country are linked, and they try to pursue the same goal. Various reports have been done to suggest the different ways that can be used to hinder Iran from sponsoring terror, click here!


The use of force has been discouraged because that will lead to more instability in the country and the Middle East at large. If there is an attack on Iran so that they can stop their nuclear deal, then there might be retaliatory measures that are sponsored by the country. The other way to stop Iran from supporting terror is to provide them with investments because the terror group is struggling with finances. When the group is financed, that creates a good platform for starting a diplomatic dialogue. However, there has been failed understanding of the important realities of the Iranian regime, and that is what makes things hard to reach an agreement.


There have been failed negotiations which were initiated by some powers, and that was done so that they can entice Iran to stop the pursuit of nuclear weapons. There also have been reports about the current and past behavior of Iran. Iran has for instance been sending classy roadside bombs to its neighboring country Iraq, and that has led to the death of many troops. Some senior government officials have also died as a result of these bombs set up by Iran. This is done to prevent the stabilization of Iraq at https://www.politico.com/arena/bio/mark_dubowitz.html and remove the coalition and hence rule the country according to their rules.